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December 6, 2017


Dear Gold Oak Union School District Parents,


As we approach the winter months and pending inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.), it is important to review the procedures and schedules we have in place to keep our students, staff, and community as safe as possible.  Specific “Inclement Weather” procedures and information can be found in the handbooks for both schools.  The handbooks are available to view online on the district websites as well.  Please read below for some basic reminders:

  • When weather causes conditions that may be a hazard to students, staff, and community, GOUSD may declare a snow day, and schools may be closed or alternative schedules may be in effect
  • Procedure for Determining Snow Days or Delayed Starts:
    • The Transportation Supervisor will contact the Superintendent to report the results of her investigation regarding the weather and road conditions by 5:30 AM, and they will discuss which schedule proposal fits the situation.
    • After a decision is made, the Superintendent and or designees will contact personnel at each affected site and direct them accordingly.
    • Information will be sent via a phone message by 6:00 AM at the latest.  Please watch for radio and TV updates as well.
  • The following are options as a result of inclement weather:
    • Regular Schedule – Schools will start at their normal times.  There may be some bus delays.  Students should remain at their stops until the bus arrives.
    • Alternative Schedules I – School will start at normal time but will dismiss early.  Telephone notification will be put into effect.
    • Alternative Schedule II - Schools will start later than normal.  Telephone notification will be put into effect to announce the length of the delay.  Please listen to the radio and TV as well for information.
    • Alternative Schedule III – Schools will start at their normal times.  Some bus routes within those schools will run on a delayed schedule.  Telephone notification will be put into effect to announce the length of the delay and which routes are affected.  Please listen to the radio and TV as well for information.
    • Closure – When it is determined that travel is not safe for students and staff, school will be closed.  Please listen for the telephone message as well as updates on the radio and TV.
  • As a reminder, if it is a normal day, with no schedule changes or delays, notification will not go out.


    If you have additional questions, please call the Transportation Office at (530) 644-9620 or the District Office at (530) 626-3150.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in the implementation of these procedures. 


Meg Enns




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